Open Tuesday-Saturday: 9am-5pm; Sunday: 11am-5pm | Free Admission, $5 Suggested Donation.

Parallel Journeys: World War II and the Holocaust through the Eyes of Teens

Personal responsibility is a way of life. It does not arise out of a vacuum, but is built on ethical principles, which are the the basis of humanity itself. – George J. Wittenstin, White Rose Resistance Group

The traveling version of “Parallel Journeys” tells the stories of six teenagers who were witnesses, participants, and often victims of World War II and the Holocaust. Although Anne Frank is one of the most famous teenagers in history, with her diary translated into more than 67 languages and capturing the hearts of readers across the world, her story alone does not document the complexity of World War II and the Holocaust. The testimonies in “Parallel Journeys” document different experiences of World War II and the Holocaust and demonstrate some of the realities of this brutal conflict.

Anne Frank, Olympian Margaret Lambert, and Traudl Junge (Adolf Hitler’s personal secretary) are featured alongside other teens and young adults who survived the concentrations camps, hid from the Nazis, led rescue efforts, served as soldiers, remained on the home front, or aided individuals who were targets of the Nazi oppression.

Kennesaw State University is sponsoring the exhibit  from 24 September- 30 October.