The Fife & Drum Restaurant and Bar

Exploring 240+ years of history will surely leave you hungry. Take a break during your visit and enjoy a relaxing meal in the Fife and Drum, our full-service restaurant and bar.

During lunch, guests will often get the chance to talk with Soldiers stationed at Fort Benning who pop in during their lunch break or meet Veterans who have traveled to the museum to reminisce about their time in service.

The Fife and Drum, open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday, serves classic American fare seasoned with southern hospitality. Challenge yourself to the RLTW Burger and a glass of Pointe du Hop beer, both carefully created by Rangers for Rangers … and for everyone else. Or, schedule your visit on a Thursday, when our chef prepares a delicious prime rib buffet. Don’t miss the Fried Green Tomato BLT, the Bourbon Salmon Caesar Salad or the Steak Flatbread. And the Fife’s Beer Battered Fries are the best in town!

Restaurant Hours

Winter Hours – Open only for special event days to include Soldier Tours, Graduations and Turning Blue ceremonies.

Special Event Rentals

The Fife & Drum Restaurant is a great spot for small gatherings. The Continental Room, overlooking Heritage Walk, is a perfect location for private meetings and luncheons. After hours, the restaurant and bar is a unique venue for Hail and Farewell ceremonies, baby showers, and birthday parties! To reserve the Fife & Drum Restaurant and/or the Continental Room for a special event, please call 706-685-5809.

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