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Behind every successful Soldier are loved ones offering support and encouragement. They, too, make immense sacrifices – long deployments, frequent moves, and the ever-present fear that the worst could happen at any moment.

The National Infantry Museum at Columbus/Fort Benning, Georgia, is the only Army military museum that recognizes and honors those sacrifices with a dedicated Family Gallery.  When the Family Gallery opened in 2009, it examined the vital role of communication in maintaining morale at a time of serious stress. It also spoke to the special challenges the children of military families face, including jumping from school to school and coping with a parent’s absence. It also celebrated the unique advantages to being a military child, like the opportunities to travel and meet other similar families. A child-sized space highlighted the Soldier’s positive impact on children around the world, and allowed kids to try on uniforms.

Now, the Family Gallery is due for renovation. We want to know what you think it ought to look like. What story does it tell? What artifacts does it display? What message should it send – particularly to those who’ve never experienced the military family lifestyle?

Please answer the following questions, then click on Submit. Leave your contact information in case we need to reach out to you. We will be compiling all the responses we receive, and will design the new gallery to reflect your ideas.

Thank you for your part in making the U.S. Army the finest fighting force in the world.

We sincerely appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your story with us. We are committed to properly presenting the Army Family’s sacrifices and challenges, as well as its immense pride and patriotism.