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Thanking the Loved Ones Keeping Our Soldiers Strong

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When remembering the service of the American Soldier, people often neglect to mention the immense sacrifice of their families at home. When building the museum, a top priority was to include a gallery dedicated to our military families.

The Family Gallery, located in the Cavezza Hall, pays homage to the children, spouses, parents, and loved ones who provide the mission-critical support network for our fighting force. The gallery explores communication over the decades and how staying in touch with a loved one during a time of separation is one of the greatest challenges of military life. It also takes a look at the special challenges the children of military families face, including coping with frequent moves and a parent’s absence. But let’s not forget the unique advantages to being a military child, like the opportunities to travel and meet other similar families.

Children are especially fond of a special corner in the gallery created just for them. The child-sized space features a miniature Bradley Fighting Vehicle turret and stories about the positive things that U.S. Army Infantrymen do for children around the world. Kids can try on real uniforms, including an actual Drill Sergeant’s campaign hat and boots. Don’t miss this great photo opportunity for the scrapbooks!


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