Are you a military enthusiast? Do you consider yourself knowledgeable about military history and trivia? If so, we have an exciting new opportunity for you to put your knowledge to the test! The National Infantry Museum is proud to announce the creation of The NIM Quiz competition. Starting from August 4th, military enthusiasts from all over can participate in this thrilling weekly event.

The quiz is designed to challenge participants’ knowledge by asking them 10 trivia questions. The questions cover a wide range of topics, including military history, strategy, equipment, and famous battles. The weekly NIM QUIZ competition begins each Friday at noon, beginning August 4th.

To participate in the quiz, interested individuals simply need to fill out the online entry form here:



What makes this military quiz competition even more exciting is the opportunity to win prizes. The top three scorers of each quiz will be awarded prizes by the National Infantry Museum.

In the event of a tie between contestants, the tiebreaker is determined by the amount of time taken to complete the quiz. The contestant who finishes the quiz in the least amount of time will be declared the winner. In the rare case that contestants are still tied, an additional 11th question will be sent through email or text to break the tie.

It’s important to note that quiz entries close at 12 pm noon each Monday. Participants must ensure they have filled out the entry form before the deadline to be eligible for that week’s quiz. Winners are required to pick up their prizes at the National Infantry Museum, adding an additional layer of excitement to the competition.

NIM Quiz competition is a fantastic opportunity for military enthusiasts to test their knowledge and learn new facts about military history. It provides a platform for individuals to showcase their expertise and compete against like-minded individuals. The National Infantry Museum has always been dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of the United States Infantry. With the introduction of this quiz competition, they aim to engage and educate a wider audience about the significant contributions of the military.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for a thrilling quiz experience like no other. Participate in the National Infantry Museum’s brand-new military quiz competition and see if you have what it takes to be crowned the ultimate military trivia champion.

Remember, knowledge is power, and in this competition, it’s your chance to prove just how powerful your military knowledge really is.